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Jill Locantore
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The Executive Committee that is helping to oversee development of the Denver region’s application to HUD’s Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant met on Monday August 22 to consider the recommendations and input that emerged from August 17 Stakeholder Committee Meeting and subsequent online discussions.  The Executive Committee came to consensus on moving forward with the following working concept for the application:

  •  Build on the region’s 2010 application by including regional, corridor, and site-level (catalytic project) planning activities
  • Focus corridor-level planning activities on three selected rapid transit corridors – East, Gold, and Northwest (rail and BRT) – while reserving funds in the overall application budget for “learning lab” activities to assist the remaining rapid transit corridors.  The Executive Committee selected these three corridors based on criteria that the Stakeholder Committee provided input on.
  •  Name a specific catalytic project in the West Corridor (to be determined by West Corridor communities) and set aside funds in the budget for additional catalytic projects that the East, Gold and Northwest corridors would select during the corridor planning process

Additional input from the Stakeholder Committee on this working concept is welcome; simply hit "reply" to post comments to this discussion board.   

Please provide any comments by 5 pm Wednesday, August 24th, so that we can finalize the approach and selection of corridors before submitting the pre-application on August 25th.

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Locantore at 303-480-6752 or jlocantore@drcog.org

Chris Coble
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I believe there is a substantial missed opportunity to include a compelling catalyst project in the application.  I would assume the competition will include specific and measurable catalytic projects and our application currently seems to only include the future possibility of one.  This is a missed opportunity to differentiate Denver from the applicant pool and could result in a similar response to last year.  

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